Preston Weekes


Preston is a professional business builder, strategist, closer, and expert marketer. He has adopted the mission to make the world work for 100% of humanity.

As a major car enthusiast, Preston began his career in the automotive sector owning or co-owning 15 car dealerships and creating vertical businesses to support them including paint shops, mechanic shops, and a finance company.

Watching the trend of electrification in the automotive sector, he took an offer to leave cars when he was recruited into a renewable energy company as the Chief Operating Officer for Metamorphosis Energy. In his time at Metamorphosis Energy, he helped commercial and industrial companies and government entities navigate the adoption of renewable energy into their plans and business profile.

Preston partnered with philanthropist Mark Victor Hansen from the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and managed all of Mark’s technology investments. Preston became involved in many startups helping companies progress to commercialization negotiating partnerships with fortune 100 companies. He also holds a seat as a Board Member of the humanitarian water company, Aqua Research.

Preston founded Operations X coupling solutions from all the business ventures he has participated in to provide actionable solutions to help the success rate of the US business. With Operations X, they consult and train organizations and leadership in sales, messaging, branding, marketing, and operational cost reduction. He built the company as a resource for US businesses. Operations X simplifies the outsourcing process by hiring and managing remote employees to do work for US companies for a flat, month-to-month price.

Preston’s mission has always been to help the success of the entrepreneur and uplift the lives of the people he interacts with. With every company he helps to grow, he is enabling people's dreams to come true. This has become his motivating force. It is his goal to provide growth in our economy and create prosperity.

His personal goal is to leave the people he interacts with happy, fulfilled, and complete as we make massive positive changes across the world. He asks you to join his journey in reversing the unacceptable failure rate of the private business!